Pemanasan Global (Global Warming) Increase

Pemanasan Global (Global Warming) Increase [of] Face water go out to sea in general will result the following impact : ( a) the increasing of floods intensity and frequency, ( b) change [of] current go out to sea and the wide-speading of damage [of] mangrove, ( c) the wide-speading of sea water intrusi, ( d) threat to activity [of] coastal area society sosial-ekonomi, and ( e) decreasing wide [of] [of] continent or loss of isle.

The increasing of floods intensity and frequency because of the happening of random rain pattern and short the rains whereas rainfall very high ( extreme occurence). Other possibility [is] effect (pengaruh/ akibat)of the happening of backwater effect (pengaruh/ akibat)from coastal area region to land also Global Warming (pemanasan global). And floods intensity frequency happened 9 bigger times [at] decade come where 80% make-up of the floods happened [in] Asia South and South-East ( including Indonesia) broadly tired floods pond 2 million square mile. Make-Up of volume irrigate [at] coastal area area will give accumulative effect (pengaruh/ akibat) if increase [of] water face go out to sea and also the make-up of rain intensity and frequency happened in range of time which at the same time.

Floods, Sea Waving, Global Warming Impact and Increase

Thereby, hence aspect increase [of] water face go out to sea and floods properly will become one of [the] input which [is] signifikan to regional development and global warming strategy and policy [of] included national in RTRWN specially to coastal area area development remember : ( a) the level of resident concentration dwelling coastal area area specially [at] coastal town, ( b) the level of economic potency which owned [by] coastal area area, ( c) regional room exploiting [of] coastal area which not yet expressed the existence of sinergi [among/between] economic importance with environment, ( d) room exploiting conflict height pass by quickly sector and pass by quickly region, and also ( e) creation not yet functional related/relevant [among/between] pate;upstream area and downstream, what tend to to harm coastal area area.

Pursuant to study [done/conducted] by ADB ( 1994), hence impact increase [of] water face go out to sea and floods estimated will give serious trouble to regions like : Pantura Java, Sumatra part of East, Kalimantan part of South, Southwestern Sulawesi, and some spot [at] West Papua coastal area

For the area of conducting, hence attention [of] larger ones require to be given for coastal town which have strategic role to coastal area area, namely as center. growth [of] area giving economic service, social, and governance to the area. Coastal town which estimated experience of threat from increase [of] water face go out to sea among others [is] Lhokseumawe, Belawan, Bagansiapi-Api, Batam, Kalianda, Jakarta, Non Irigated Dry Field, Semarang, Surabaya, Singkawang, Cassia Alata, Makassar, Pare-Pare, Sinjai. ( As complete as requesting to check Tables 1 [at] Enclosure).

Functional Area which require to get attention related to increase [of] water face go out to sea and floods cover 29 pledge area, 11 certain area, and 19 left behind area. ( as complete as requesting to check Tables 2 [at] Enclosure).

Special Attention require to be given in policy instruction development and criterion management [of] important regional [of] its meaning to national economy development, but have susceptance to impact increase [of] water face go out to sea and floods.

Global Warming Increase : Sea Water, Destroy Mangrove Forest

Increase [of] Face water go out to sea besides resulting change [of] current go out to sea [at] coastal area region also result to destroy mangrove ekosistem, just which is on in this time its condition have very is. Wide [of] [of] mangrove forest in Indonesia continue to experience of degradation from 5.209.543 ha ( 1982) downhill become 3.235.700 ha ( 1987) and downhill again till 2.496.185 ha ( 1993). In range of time 10 year ( 1982-1993), have happened degradation [of] mangrove forest ± 50% from totalizeing luasan initialy. If existence [of] indefensible mangrove again, hence : coastal abrasi will be frequent happened for no hold him waving. contamination from river to sea will mount for no polutan filter him, and aquaculture conducting zona even also will be threatened by itself " The wide-speading of water intrusi go out to sea besides resulted from the happening of increase [of] water face go out to sea [is] also triggered by the happening of subsidence land effect (pengaruh/ akibat)of exploitation [of] ground water redundantly. For example, estimated [by] [at] period [among/between] 2050 till 2070, hence sea water intrusi will include;cover 50% wide [of] [of] Jakarta North region " Trouble to condition of society sosial-ekonomi that happened among others [is] : ( a) trouble to by-pass network and train [in] Pantura Java and Timur-Selatan Sumatra ; ( b) pond to setlement [of] resident [at] coastal area town residing in [at] Pantura Java region, Sumatra part of East, Kalimantan part of South, Southwestern Sulawesi, and some coastal area spot [in] Papua ; ( c) the loss of conducting farm like rice field, brackish, fishpond, and mangrove for the width of 3,4 million hectare or equivalent with US$ 11,307 million ; this picture even become more is ' blur' if related to existence [of] sentra-sentra produce food which only gyrating 4 % [is] just the than wide [of] [of] national region, and ( d) degradation [of] farm productivity [at] food sentra-sentra, as in DAS Citarum, Brantas, and very Saddang [of] krusial to continuity of self sufficiency in food in Indonesia. As for area in Indonesia which is [is] potential to be hit [by] impact increase [of] sea water.

Pengaruh : Akibat Global Warming (Global Warming Effect)

" Threatened decreasing coastal area and even the loss of isle able to reach number 2000 till 4000 island, depended from increase [of] water face go out to sea that happened. With backward assumption [of] coastline as far as 25 metre, by the end of century 2100 missing coastal area farm reach 202.500 ha " To Indonesia, impact increase [of] water face go out to sea and floods more diperparah with wide [of] [of] tropical forest which enough signifikan, good effect (pengaruh/ akibat)of depilatory effect (pengaruh/ akibat)and also [fire/burning]. mustered data from The Georgetown - International Environmental Law Review ( 1999) indicating that [at] range of time 1997 - just 1998 not less than 1,7 million forest hectare burnt [in] Sumatra and Kalimantan effect (pengaruh/ akibat) of El Nino influence. Even WWF ( 2000) mentioning larger ones number, namely [among/between] 2 till 3,5 million hectare [at] [is] same period. If [do] not be taken [by] correct stages;steps hence damage [of] forest - covert functioning specially - will cause (penyebab) big run-off [at] pate;upstream area, improving superficiality risk and floods [at] downstream region , and also extend the rare of clean water [at] is long-range. By paying attention global warming (pemanasan global) impact which have national scale and long-range time dimension, hence existence [of] RTRWN become of vital importance. Marginally RTRWN which have been specified [by] its legality aspect [pass/through] PP No.47 / 1997 as formulation section 20 from UU No.24 / 1992 about Settlement [of] Room load state room exploiting wisdom instruction showing the existence of regional structure and pattern [of] national which wish to be reached [by] [at] a period of/to to come.

Global Economic | Globalization and Global Warming (Pemanasan Global)

Regional Exploiting room pattern [of] national load : ( a) policy instruction and criterion management [of] covert area ( including disaster gristle area like gristle area waving floods and tide ; and ( b) policy instruction and criterion management [of] conducting area ( production forest, agriculture, mining, tourism, setlement, dsb). Whereas regional room exploiting structure [of] national include;cover : ( a) system development instruction setlement [of] national and ( b) regional system development instruction [of] national ( like transportation network, electrical, water resource, and standard water.

As according to development dynamics and strategic environment continuing change, hence felt [by] the existence of requirement for the mengkajiulang of ( items review) arrangement [of] RTRWN ( PP 47 / 1997) [so that/ to be] ever earn issue response and regional development demand [of] national forwards. ( request to check Tables 3 [at] Enclosure). For the reason, at the moment middle Government [of] carried out RTRWN mengkajiulang by paying attention strategic environmental change and or new paradigm as follows :

economic globalization and its implication, area autonomy and [his/its] implication, area handling frontier [of] inter-states and [his/its] synchronization, sea development/ oceanic resource, area development drop behind for the out of economic crisis and poorness, hidrologi recycle, subsidence land handling, ALKI band exploiting for the prosperity of security and, and also global warming (pemanasan global) and various its impact.

Global Warming Impact : Emission Gas | Greenhouse Effect

Global warming (pemanasan global) basically represent phenomenon of[is make-up of global temperature from year to year because the happening of greenhouse effect (pengaruh/ akibat)( effect (pengaruh/ akibat)greenhouse) which because of the increasing of gas emission like karbondioksida ( CO2), methane ( CH4), dinitrooksida ( And CFC N2O) so that sun energi snared in earth atmosphere. Various literature show increase [of] global temperature - including Indonesia - that happened [at] gyration 1,5-40 Celcius by the end of century 21.

Global warming (pemanasan global) result serious and wide [of] impact to bio-geofisik environment ( like ices discharge [in] pole, increase [of] sea water face, extension [of] sand desert, make-up of floods and rain, perubahan iklim (change of climate), totally disappeared [of] flora and certain fauna, fauna migration and disease pest, dsb). While impact to society sosial-ekonomi activity cover : ( a) trouble to coastal area area function and coastal town, ( b) trouble to prasarana function and medium like road;street network, airport and port ( c) trouble to setlement [of] resident, ( d) agriculture farm productivity reduction, ( e) the make-up of cancer risk and disease epidemic, dsb). In this handing out, focus passed to anticipation to two global warming (pemanasan global) impact, namely : increase [of] sea water face ( rise level sea) and floods.

Climate Change Conference : Global Warming

COP10—Buenos Aires Climate Conference

December 2004 saw the tenth session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (or, COP10 for short). This marked the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol. Countries were to discuss adaption measures, and the entry of the Kyoto Protocol into force. In addition, some discussion on post-Kyoto was also attempted.

COP8—Delhi Climate Conference

October 23 to November 1, 2002 saw the eighth session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (or, COP8 for short). Leading up to this conference there has still been little progress on reducing emissions.

COP7—Marrakesh Climate Conference

October 29 to November 9, 2001 saw the seventh session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (or, COP7 for short). The purpose of the meeting was to agree legal text covering outstanding technical aspects of the political agreement reached in Bonn in July 2001 on how to implement the Kyoto Protocol. While an agreement resulted, there are still concerns there will be little impact on emissions as a result.

COP6—The Hague Climate Conference

November 13 to November 24, 2000 saw the sixth session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (or, COP6 for short). Each COP meeting is where nations meet to evaluate the accords and compliance with meeting emissions reduction targets. This one was intended to wrap up three years of negotiations on the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. Instead though, the talks pretty much collapsed.

COP4—Buenos Aires Climate Conference

November 2 - November 13, 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina the Fourth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP-4) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held. There were many issues that still needed to be discussed, especially on the trading of Carbon emissions and equity between the rich and developing nations.

COP3—Kyoto Protocol Climate Conference

1997, at the Conference of Parties III (COP3), Kyoto, Japan, the Kyoto conference on climate change took place. There, developed countries agreed to specific targets for cutting their emissions of greenhouse gases. A general framework was defined for this, with specifics to be detailed over the next few years. This became known as the Kyoto Protocol. The US proposed to just stabilize emissions and not cut them at all, while the European Union called for a 15% cut. In the end, there was a trade off, and industrialized countries were committed to an overall reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases to 5.2% below 1990 levels for the period 2008 - 2012. (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in its 1990 report that a 60% reduction in emissions was needed...) As with the following COP meetings, there was enormous media propaganda by affected big businesses and by countries such as the U.S. who were openly hostile to the treaty. In fact one of the first things George Bush did when he came to power was to oppose the Kyoto Protocol.

The Ozone Layer and Climate Change

Scientists believe that Global Warming will lead to a weaker Ozone layer, because as the surface temperature rises, the stratosphere (the Ozone layer being found in the upper part) will get colder, making the natural repairing of the Ozone slower.

Global Warming and Climate Change Cause

Global warming in African continent is a rich mosaic of ecosystems, ranging from the snow and ice fields of Kilimanjaro to tropical rainforests to the Saharan desert.

Although it has the lowest per capita fossil energy use of any major world region, Africa may be the most vulnerable continent to climate change because widespread poverty limits countries� capabilities to adapt.

Signs of a changing Global climate (perubahan iklim) in Africa have already emerged: spreading disease and melting glaciers in the mountains, Global warming (pemanasan global) temperatures in drought-prone areas, and sea-level rise and coral bleaching along the coastlines.

GLobal Warming (Pemanasan Global) : Cause (Penyebab) | Climate Change

The global climate change be come the hot news to day. cause of climate change according to international konference in Bali about several month ago is global warming (pemanasan global).

Global warming (pemanasan Global) is heat up of atmosfere temperature, sea and earth. Cause of Global Warming ( Penyebab pemanasan global) is Greenhouse effect (efek rumah kaca). Cause of Greenhouse effect is growth up of Carbon dioksid (CO2) and other gass in atmosfere. Carbon Dioksid (karbon dioksida) cause of heat up of burning oil, and organik oil with over.