Lapisan Ozon dan Perubahan Iklim : Climate Change-Ozone-Carbon-Pemanasan Global | Global Warming

Apocalipse Susilo unfold to [regarding/ hit] Human Development Report affirming that human life growth very affect by existence of perubahan iklim (change of climate). This UNFCCC have to be made [by] momentum to affirm that perubahan iklim (change of climate) have big contribution in make-up of poorness, so that this matter become attention from UNFCC panel and negotiation [do] not only merely studying carbon merchant.

Meanwhile, Fabby Tumiwa highlights the problem of adaptation program to impact change [of] global climate. Problem of arising out [is] when impecunious people [do] not have adaptif capacities ( capacity adaptive) to ugly impact [of] perubahan iklim (change of climate). If it does, they even also rentan fall [at] inmost creavasse [of] poorness. By nya, NGO / cso ( Civil Society Organization) owning vitally role, This matter [is] relied on membership [of] NGO / cso compared to government concerning issue perubahan iklim (change of climate).

Adaptation concept thrown by this Fabby Tumiwa get about from one of [the] training participant. According to my Me [of] Masrizal from WALHI Acheh, besides adaptation program there must be also the effort preventif to prevent more hard it[him] global warming (pemanasan global). Besides, impressive adaptation program concept that us as victim perubahan iklim (change of climate) only can accept negative impacts [of] perubahan iklim (change of climate) without out for arrange life more wise ecologically.

contamination [of] Air [is] attendance one or more physical substansi, chemical, or biological [in] atmosphere in number able to endanger health [of] human being, animal, and plant, bothering freshment and esthetics, or destroy properti.

contamination [of] Air can be generated by natural sources and also activity [of] human being. Some physical trouble definition like voice pollution, hot, light pollution or radiasi considered to be air pollution. Air nature result impact contamination [of] air can have the character of local and direct, regional, and also air global.Pencemar differentiated to become primary pencemar and sekunder pencemar. Primary Pencemar [is] generated pencemar substansi [is] direct the than the source of contamination [of] air. Carbon monoxide [is] a example [of] from primary air pencemar because he represent result of from combustion. Sekunder Pencemar [is] formed of [by] pencemar substansi reaction of primary pencemar-pencemar [in] atmosphere. forming [of] Ozone in fotokimia smog [is] a example [of] from contamination [of] sekunder air.

Atmosphere represent a complex system, dinamik, and is brittle. Lately growth [of] concern [of] effect (pengaruh/ akibat)will from air pollution emission in global context and its [relation/link] with global warming (pemanasan global), change [of] ozone deplesi and climate [in] stratosfer progressively mount.

Activity [of] human being " Transportation " Industrial " Power station " Combustion ( fireplace, stove, furnace, insinerator with various fuel type)

Natural source " Mount have Fire " Marsh " Forest fire " Nitrifikasi And biological denitrifikasi

Other sources " Transportation Amonia " Leakage [of] Tank klor " Arise methane gas from uruk farm / final place of exile [of] garbage " Condense organic pelarut. Pencemar type " Carbon monoxide " Oxide Nitrogen " Oxide Sulphur " CFC " Hydrocarbon " Ozone " Volatile Organic Compounds " Partikulat.